The New Blog Site

Finally, I’ve closed the Wordpress blog. It’d be better to shut down it before I renewed the Wordpress subscription last year, but I did it anyway. The main reason was that I couldn’t feel any affection for the site even I spent a bunch of money on it. Though it is the de-facto standard, PHP based site nowadays? - no way to be cool. I still wanted somewhere to journal my thoughts as a record. It shouldn’t be too public but should be modern and techie, and satisfies my ego. I decided to set up my site and investigated it.

As I have had tons of experience on Google Cloud during my days in the current company, I was going to set up a VM and a web-server on it. Then I came across Hugo. Hugo is not a blog service engine; it is a static content generator made with Go, which is my main programming language these days. I can write a post with Markdown and build it; then, Hugo generates the static HTML page. As many contemporary web service is a compiled/bundled static app content running in the browser, it is a simple static content generator. So, we can service it via Google Cloud Storage (GCS) by copying the content build to GCS.

And this is the result. I tweaked the theme a bit, but a lot more to customize. I hope it will beat my laziness this time.