Should have closed the blog, but..

A month ago, I canceled my Wordpress subscription. First of all, I don’t write blog these days. Moreover, if I would write a blog, I thought Medium could be the better place.

However, I renewed the Wordpress just a week before the cancelation. The main reason was that I thought I was not ready to show something to others. My blog has been a virtually private space though it has been open to others. I realized I still need a safe place rather than an open stage.

I’ve moved back to US (Palo Alto, CA) after 10 years. Many things have been changed during the last 10 years in Bay Area. The housing, living cost and other everything have been sky-rocketed. But I’m in my optimal state over the last 10 years.

After I came back to an engineer, I have been totally able to manage myself. I don’t have to meet someone I don’t like any more. Now I can focus my energy on what really matters to me.

“What really matters to me” I want to put down about those things. But I realized Medium is too open space to me. So, I’m back to this place. I’d like to realize my old resolution again - write down an article every week. I’m not sure I can make it this time, but I will try and find a way for it.