Travelling during the pandemic

My daughter and I arrived in Korea a few days ago. We’re currently under 14-day self-quarantine. I couldn’t imagine what a journey during the pandemic looks like. But my daughter graduated from elementary, and now it’s her summer break, and we’d like to have a family reunion. So, I decided to know what it actually is. View this post on Instagram So desolate.

Space Battle Ship Yamato 1 Ep 22.

Finally, I watched the 22nd Episode of Yamato 1 - The Rainbow Star Cluster. It was an incredible story that a genius engineer beats an admiral who planned and executed a perfect strategy. Space Battle Ship Yamato is an extraordinary anime to me. Though (as a Korean) it is hard to have an affinity to the name of Yamato, I loved this anime when I was a child even if mostly I couldn’t watch it.

Scariest Days

It has been more than a month passed after the shelter in place order was activated. It would be good if I could say it had been peaceful and dull days, but I couldn’t because I had been sick. TL; DR. Now I’m fine, and I don’t have any idea that it was COVID-19. One thing I can tell is that it was one of the scariest weeks of my life.

WWDC20 and Shelter in Place Day 4

Contrary to my wish, WWDC20 is going to be an online-only event. Apple said it would be “a new experience.” I’m positive about the decision. But at the same time, sorry for missing some traditional moments: the midnight line-up, rush for the shop opening, and there would be no WWDC official jacket. Oh, the jacket. It is the only item given to the WWDC attendants for free - except for the conference pass and some badges.

Barbarian Days

I bought a paperback of “Barbarian Days (William Finnegan).” It is unlikely for me to buy a paper-book in these days (most are e-books), but I buy a few if it is an excellent book. The physical book has some merits over e-books. Most of all, I’d love to pick the book and open any random page, then feel the move when I first read the page. It is the book that has the worth.

The New Office

My company HQ moved to a new location - Redwood City - from Palo Alto. I think the main reason would be (as I’m not an executive) the cost. The previous office was a sub-lease from a VC. It was located in the head of the University Ave. (a great location!), but it had the inconvenience of the sub-leased office; we had to share the space (and we couldn’t get crazy while watching the NBA final last year).


My new office now has a toaster, and I can toast a bagel for breakfast. I love bagels for breakfast, but unbaked bagels are so miserable. View this post on Instagram Now we have a toaster. I was mad when Tim Cook slashed toasters at WWDC. A bagel without toast? - nonsense. A post shared by Diko Ko (@dikoko) on Feb 27, 2020 at 8:48am PST

The New Blog Site

Finally, I’ve closed the Wordpress blog. It’d be better to shut down it before I renewed the Wordpress subscription last year, but I did it anyway. The main reason was that I couldn’t feel any affection for the site even I spent a bunch of money on it. Though it is the de-facto standard, PHP based site nowadays? - no way to be cool. I still wanted somewhere to journal my thoughts as a record.

The Question To Fail

A few months ago, I read a twitter of a Korean software engineer who was working in Silicon Valley. He had been in a meetup for college students who were interested in working in Silicon Valley. There was a Q&A session, and he was mad at a question. “Should I be good at English?” It sounded to me a general question, but he was furious about it. Because he thought it was a question to fail: an excuse for failure.

Why Bay Area Again

Then, I want to talk about why I’m back to Bay Area. Ten years ago, my SF office closed - when the financial crisis came - and I had to return to Korea. During the last 10 years, I started my own business, had many experiences, exited from the business due to a health issue, then back to an engineer over my forties. Last year, I was deeply impressed by the book “The New Geography of Jobs” by Enrico Moretti.

Should have closed the blog, but..

A month ago, I canceled my Wordpress subscription. First of all, I don’t write blog these days. Moreover, if I would write a blog, I thought Medium could be the better place. However, I renewed the Wordpress just a week before the cancelation. The main reason was that I thought I was not ready to show something to others. My blog has been a virtually private space though it has been open to others.

Takako Ohta 35th Anniversary Live

In my last business trip to Tokyo, I couldn’t buy a flight ticket for my schedule. So, I had to take a plane for three days ahead of my original plan. It was a rainy Sunday morning when I got to the Haneda airport. I took on a limousine bus to my hotel, opened my iPhone and launched Twitter out of my habit. At the very moment, my eyes lit upon a tweet of Takako Ohta about her 35th anniversary live concert.

Exhibition: Hinamatsuri

Although I have not done the last cour anime wrap-up, (and I’m not sure I can do that…) I can tell one thing. My best pick of the previous cour is “Hinamatsuri.” And I got to know there is a small exhibition for Hinamatsuri in Harajuku, Tokyo from a Twitter message of TT. (Takako Tanaka, She is the heroine Hina’s character voice, and to tell the truth, her first job was my last game ‘Sid Story’ when she is in the training school.

The Game We Should Fight

Yang Wenli won his every battle. It was because he never fought any battle that he would lose. But there was no easy one in his victories. Many times, especially nowadays, we always consider cost-effectiveness for everything. The one who takes bold challenges is regarded as an inferior one. As I updated in my last posting, Miyu Takeuchi has failed to debut in her last competition. A lot of nosy parkers say that it is because she clung to the main vocal position that requested her insanely challenging high-tone voice.

Saving Private Miyu

Miyu Takeuchi (Miyu for short) is a Japanese singer and a member of AKB48 - an idol girl group. Her debut was in 2009, and it was the start of the golden era of AKB48. But she couldn’t get much attention. Although we don’t know, it might be partly because of her introverted personality, or her artistic nature might not fit the culture of AKB48. AKB48 has a ranking system she couldn’t have taken place inside the cut 100.

The Summer Triangle (夏の大三角)

Last weekend, I went camping in the Korean DMZ (Demilitarized Zone). The camping site is a renovation from a shut-down school, which is just one mile from the border of South/North Korea. Of course, the place is in the area where a civilian cannot enter, but the Korean government and army established a camping site there, and we can use it with prior approval and a process at the military checkpoint.

An After Recording

Last month, I supported casting and recording of an ‘ahureko (after recording in Japanese).’ It is always fun to work with professional voice actresses and actors. 48 voice actresses/actors (including Tomoyo Kurosawa who won the best lead actress of the year) participated in the recording. Some are very famous ones, and some are my first time to meet. It is my pleasure to see a new face is finding their place.