Update: Standing desk

Recently I’ve got to know a great review site ( https://www.reviews.com/standing-desk/ ) about standing desk. For me, I bought my desk from my friend, and it was order-made one. I didn’t realize that there are so many ready-made ones.

Although I live in Korea currently (so most of them are not available to me), the site reviews selected models, and it provides essential considerations.

The only one thing I want to mention is that ‘stability’ is also a crucial factor to consider. I’m using a standing desk in my office also, but there are always subtle shakings. The wobble monitor screen sometimes makes me crazy. The standing desk has many moving parts, and there is a very high possibility of swaying.

The review site is very considerate and gives a full depth review for standing desks. If you’re considering buying a standing desk, I think this site is a must-check even if those models are not available to your location.

JAL Boeing 787-8

Recently, I prefer JAL to other airlines when I go to Japan. The primary reason is the price of course (usually inbound flights provide more affordable fare), but the brand new airplane is a very attractive reason to be neglected.

Last year, JAL changed all flights of from Gimpo/Seoul to Haneda/Tokyo into brand new Boeing 787-8 airplanes. The thing that I liked most was that it was very comfortable in the cabin. I cannot tell the exact reason, but the air in the cabin was fresher than other flights. The large size LCD monitors and USB charger for each seat are usual in these days in every long-distance airline. But there are small mesh pockets in front of the main seat pocket. The small pockets are very useful to put some small belongings such as pens, cables and cell phones. I think it is trivial but very thoughtful providing which can be expressed as Japanese ‘omotenashi.’

One more very impressive thing for me was that the ‘electric shade’ – although I’m not sure it is the correct name. After the flight totally took off, I was going to close the window shade, but I couldn’t find a window lift. The window adjusted the transparency with digital buttons. At first, I was a little puzzled because there was some delay but I could control the dimming level with a 5-graded button which was below the window. The brightness also seemed to be controlled by the flight attendances; all windows were automatically brightened up at the landing.

Yes, the competition is good. It is really impressive to see the resurgence of the airline which once had a very tough time. I wish I can meet with others’ catch up – especially from KAL and Asiana which are my main mileage holders.

Home Office

Time has passed for a while after I fell down. I left the company and took some rest from works. Fortunately, the medical checkup couldn’t find any further serious symptoms. I can have a real and long vacation since I started my business seven years ago and I cannot appreciate it more. It is a euphoric pause in my life.

I redeployed my home library as a home office. One thing that I love is my standing desk. It is an order-made-desk that I bought from a friend of mine. It can adjust the height with electric power by small buttons so that I can work standing up. I usually work standing up two or three hours a day, and it eases my neck and waist. Although I love it, it has some demerit. One thing is there is a little wobble because it has moving parts. The other thing is (although my neck and waist are happy) the fatigue is concentrated at my soles. So, I’m using (two) shock absorbing mats on my feet.

As regaining health, I’m studying the machine learning and Swift. Have abilities to make something by myself is crucial. I’m elaborating some ideas what I think interesting. I would be very happy if I can realize it someday. For now, back to the basic and I’m going to write more posts in this blog.

On the border of the deep submerge

‘Deep Submerge’ is the very famous (… in a very specific domain) skill name of ‘the’ outer-planet heroine, but it came to me as a very different meaning recently.

Last Friday (Feb. 10th, 2017), I woke up due to very severe (never had been before in my life) chill. Just following the deadly chill, I felt myself burn with fever and nausea. I managed to rush to the bathroom to wash my face… but I felt dizzy and sat on the toilet and totally blacked out.

I’m not sure how much time I was unconscious – it was a real blink in my mind. When I came back I found my forehead on the rubber slippers which kept me from getting hurt. But the fever was still there and even getting worse. I desperately took off my sleeping jacket and laid myself on the chilly floor. (Now I know I was very lucky because it was a very proper emergency treatment for that case.)

I could barely see anything. Just the dim and blurring light was what I can see. I couldn’t move my body any more and couldn’t say anything.  I don’t know how I can express my feeling at the moment but it seemed that my consciousness was on a kind of the virtual horizon and it crossed the line in and out. Just one word came across my mind: death.

I think it was about 10 minutes later when I could recognize the bulb at the ceiling. I felt my mind was coming back to earth from somewhere deep. When I was able to control my body, I came back to the bed and woke up my wife; surprised her of course; and let her check my status. With the fever subsiding, I could sleep again although still my condition was not normal.

It was my first ‘near-death experience.’ I was unconscious eight years ago in an airplane to SF when I came back from Tokyo. But this is my first time that the fear of death overwhelmed me. I’m going to have a medical checkup sooner or later because I heard that there might be an issue in my vagus nerve.

I think the way I face my life cannot be same as before. It was really a hard-to-express experience. The way I think of my family, my job and my life might change remarkably. I just want to put on record of this moment for the present.

Metallica Live 2017 in Seoul with Babymetal

Today (15th Jan) is our 12th wedding anniversary. A few days ago, I got startled when my daughter said that she was a teenage girl; no, she is not in her teenage yet in US age and she is 8 years old (she is 10 only in Korean age calculation). It made me accept indisputably we had been married more than 10 years. Yes, time flies as arrows. To celebrate our perfect married life (only two quarrels over 12 years. isn’t it?) we have been to a special event: the Metallica World Tour Live 2017 in Seoul last Wednesday. To tell the truth, my wife had no interest in Metallica before. But she agreed to go with me when she heard that “The opening stage will be Babymetal.”

Babymetal is Japanese metal idol (yes, I can hear someone shout What?) band. The band consists of three teenage Japanese girls: Suzuka Nakamoto called as “Su-metal,” Yui Mizuno as “Yuimetal” and Moa Kikuchi as “Moametal.” Someone called the genre of their music as “kawai metal.” Yes, they are kawai(cute), but that is not the all and I think their music is not a joke; no, they are really brilliant. Since their debut in 2010, they have built very successful career as a metal band. The success might be due to many supports from the metal legends. They performed with Metallica, Judas Priest, Chili Peppers and so on; imagine that you are working in a place filled with only 50s (and more) and one day suddenly here came three lovely teenage girls as new recruits…

The event was held in Gocheok Sky Dome.

It is the first (and only) domed baseball stadium in Korea opened in 2015. It was my first time to visit there and was really good stadium than I had expected. But it is located in the outskirts of Seoul so the access is very inconvenient and the parking space is very limited. The live ended around 11:30pm and I had to take a cab.

The opening stage of Babymetal was very impressive to me. But frankly the audience response was not so great. I wish Su/Yui/Moa-Metal were not disappointed too much; It was not your fault! I think there were many issues about it. First, their stage started on time but audience entrance was not completed till then; it was very cluttered. The audio setting of the opening stage was not good (especially for vocals); I can hardly hear Su-Metal’s lead at my seat (the second floor). And she spoke in English… At the first live of Metallica in Seoul (in 1998), It was very famous story that James asked “Are you tired?” and audiences replied “Yeah!” (Sorry Su, it’s not your…) Moreover, I think many fan of Metallica who came to the live didn’t know them and many of them were orthodox metal fans. Although their music is very positively accepted widely, there are someone who adhere to their definition of metal and cannot accept the new at first. I hope Babymetal come to Korea for an one-man live in the near future and be with their royal fans – including me.

The main stage was awesome. Although still the audio condition was not perfect, the most impressive thing was the huge screens. They set 6 (maybe) huge screens (I’m not sure what kind of screen was) and covered whole stage. It was the biggest screen that I had ever seen in my life; It was bigger than the HD score board screen of AT&T Park. And the picture quality was crystal clear.

It was my college days (around 1993-1997) when I listened to Metallica most. To tell the truth, I don’t have much knowledge of Metallica after 2000. I was really happy to listen to the drum and guitar solo of Master of Puppets live. The intro of One with bullets of laser was fantastic. The encore with Enter Sandman and Battery was thrilling.

However, my best moment was with Unforgiven because I believe it is the most suitable song for my country Korea nowadays. I want to close this post with ‘the’ part of Unforgiven that I want to tell ‘them.’

What I’ve felt,
What I’ve known
Never shined through in what I’ve shown.
Never be.
Never see.
Won’t see what might have been.

What I’ve felt,
What I’ve known
Never shined through in what I’ve shown.
Never free.
Never me.
So I dub thee unforgiven.

PS: One more thing I want to mention is the photo/video policy of the event. It was totally photo and video free event (at least no policy was noticed). I think only events in Japan or Japanese artists do not allow photo taking in the event. I guess it might be related with many business issues but I think it is more beneficial to artists to let fans take photos and make it spreading at the live. Because the time has changed and the most lucrative business is the live itself: to make audiences come as many as possible.

My Resolution 2017

It was more than a month ago (Nov 10th exactly). I got an e-mail from wordpress.com that said my annual WordPress premium membership was just renewed with the $99 transaction. What a … pity.. I hadn’t touched my WordPress blog since Jan. 2015. Which means that the useless transaction happened one year before as well. It was a really stormy experience and I felt shame on it.

The credit card used for the transaction was expired this month, so my premium membership won’t be renewed next year. But when I look back this year – the year full of absurdity – in its last week, I made up my mind and rise up against resurrecting my blog (again).

Moreover, I’m going to raise the bar. Today – the first day of 2017 – I decided my resolution of this year; Publish more than one article at this blog every week and in English. Since I came back from SF (2009), I think my pronunciation and listening skills are somewhat improved but I still find difficult to express my thought immediately. I want to improve my English expression skills and I believe writing my articles in English would be a very effective way. I’m not sure about the topics but it would be mainly about animes and games (and sometimes about engineering) because I’ve set up my objective of this year as the success of the Sid Story Animation and SB (my new game). I want to improve myself to better producer and director and I also believe writing down a lot of ideas into organized articles is very useful for the objective.

I’m not sure whether I can really achieve this resolution. For now, I just want to share this one clip of my favorite scenes of Euphonium – I want to improve! (seriously)

New Year 2015

2015년이 되었다. 작년, 그러니까 2014년은 참 여러가지로 복잡한 마음으로 맞이했던 것 같은데 올해 2015년은 어느해보다 마음이 편하다. 그러면서도 정말로 그 어느때보다도 열심히 살아봐야겠다는 생각을 하게 된다.

블로그를 새로 정비하면서 좀 더 자주 글을 써야겠다고 했었다. 먼저 어떤 것을 쓸 것인지 부터가 고민해봐야 할 문제인 것 같다.
일단 가족에 대한 이야기는 가급적 쓰지 않으려고 한다. 가족에 대한 이야기는 페이스북으로 충분한 것 같다. 블로그는 좀 더 (있다면 그나마) 업무적이고 대외적인 공간이 될 것 같다. 하지만 남에게 보여주기 위한 글은 쓰지 않으려고 한다. 내 생각을 정리하고 그것을 남기기 위한 것이 주로 될 것 같다.

그나마 이 블로그에 글을 썼던 WWDC라던지 컨퍼런스 출장 등은 좀 더 (간다면) 잘 써보려고 한다. 게임개발이나 스타트업에 대해 좋은 글이 있다면 소개를 할 수도 있겠다. 애니나 게임에 대한 개인적인 감상도 좀 더 체계적인 서술이 필요하다면 블로깅을 해 볼 수도 있겠다.

이 블로그는 개인적으로 열심히 올 한해를 살아보기 위한 결심의 공간이다. 한 해가 지난 다음에 이곳에서 내가 올해 어떤 생각을 하고 어떻게 살았는지를 확인할 수 있었으면 한다.