In the City

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Leaving Seattle with my best memories, I decided to spend this weekend in my spiritual hometown – the City, San Francisco.

I worked in San Francisco 2008-2009 at Cyworld USA. My office was on the Market St. in the area of Financial District. I remember both the energetic moment of the street in my early days and the scary scenery when the Lehman broke.


I met an old friend who is now working for Uber, and his office is the next building of my old office, and those two buildings are a kind of twin building. For a reason, the system and floor plan are very familiar with me. However, the Uber office is excellent just as other tech-giants offices in Bay area nowadays; our office was also good but honestly not this grade.


In my old days, I loved to walk down to the Ferry Building through the Market St at lunchtime or in the early morning. It helped me organize my thoughts. There is a local fair around the Ferry Building area on weekends. You can find a great deal sometimes.


My best place in the City is AT&T Park – the home of San Francisco Giants. As a long-time Giants fan, I bought tickets for three days in a row this time. The first two days, I took the Lower Box seat of the 3rd base side, which was my seat of the old days. Usually, the Lower Box seat is for season ticket owners. The guy next to me was also season ticket owner of this year. It is the best spot to watch the pitcher of the away team.

The starting pitcher of LA (oh.. LA… ) of the first game was Hyun-jin Ryu, the famous Korean Major leaguer and maybe the best pitcher of Dodgers this year so far. I like him. He is a really good pitcher, and he has a same first-name with my wife; it is a neutral name in Korea. But to Giants? No way. It is a privilege and obligation of season ticket owners to welcome the opposing pitchers with warming sounds.


The food of the City is marvelous. Chicken Tender with Garlic Fries of Derby Grill is the best of the Ballpark. I loved to grab a pizza from Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria in front of the AT&T Park to the ball game. As a steak zealot, Lark is my best steakhouse in the City, and Tad’s Steakhouse is always a reasonable option. But my favorite is the breakfast of Pinecrest Diner in Union Square. This 24hr restaurant never closes it door since its open – 1969. My best is Pinecrest Omelette, but every dish is excellent.


I love this City. I remember almost every corner of the downtown San Francisco. Many places in my memory are still there. But sometimes, there are some figures that I have never known. There are many new skyscrapers in the City. No Borders, No Barnes & Novel, No Stacey’s Bookstore anymore. The most gloomy scenery for me this time is that my old temple turned to an ordinary T-mobile store. Living in the City is too expensive these days. Rent is doubled or tripled compared with ten years ago. Driving in the City is always a nightmare with traffics and many one-way roads, but I think it is getting worse now.

Time goes by; we have to admit it. With different people, status, and time, the City cannot be the same as my good old days. Nevertheless, the reason this City still has my most affection is this view. The view from the View Reserved seats of the ballpark.
This scenery always makes me at peace. I cannot have found any other place like this except for home.