Visiting Seattle Office

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Currently, I’m working in my Seattle office. Although I have written about animes, and also I’m working on an anime/game related job as a hobby (rather than a side-job), my primary responsibility is a software engineer, and I’m working in a company named Moloco Inc. My company provides online/mobile advertisement platform. We play as a DSP(Demand Side Platform). We present 100% programmatic and real-time bidding for every impression level, and We optimize it with AI/machine-learning. In these days everyone says about AI and ML, but we indeed do that. We have offices in Palo Alto (HQ), Seattle, New York, San Francisco and Seoul. Usually, I’m working on Seoul office, but this time I have a collaboration with engineers in Seattle.

It is my first time of visiting Seattle. When I got to SeaTac (Seattle Tacoma International Airport), ten flights were landed at the same time. I had to wait for one hour in a narrow corridor (and one more hour at the passport control floor). However, while I was waiting, the music flew with apology mentions and the airport staffs provided fresh water bottles to us. I couldn’t imagine this in the US before (10 years ago). Although it took more than 2 hours to get out of the gate, it was not so uncomfortable with their warm hospitality.


My Seattle office is near from Univ. of Washington. Two small working rooms and one meeting room which are filled with scattered goods and snacks – as the typical startup offices. The Cafe Allegro is in two minutes walk where Howard Schultz got an insight about Starbucks.


The weather of Seattle now is marvelous. The sky is crystal blue, and it’s warm, not so hot as the Bay area. The air is fresh, and the breeze is pleasant. Every my colleague said that it is unusual at this time. But they said that the weather of summer (July-Sep) in Seattle is just like this.


The local food is terrific. The stake sandwich of Jak’s Grill must be my favorite. I’ve never had Jimmy John’s in Bay area. You should try the clam pizza at Mioposto.

Although this time will be a short visit (about a week), I must get to love this city. But, I also want to experience the rainy day in Seattle. Which make me know the real aspect of this city. If I can enjoy the rain, this city could be my favorite.