Happy Holiday 2017

I’m a lapsed Catholic since the time I cannot remember. I received infant baptism and took my first communion when I was in the military training camp. It only took just four times lectures from a sister, and it was fortunate for me (because the ordinary course of communion takes several weeks), but I couldn’t find any meaning of religion at that time, and I haven’t been to the cathedral from some time.

But, there is only one lesson that I still remember; the meaning of Catholic. It is ‘universal’ or ‘general.’ Although the religion hasn’t always been with the spirit of its name, that meaning has impressed me a lot until now. I want to be a person who doesn’t enforce only one idea and embrace many different thoughts.

It is the only one time in a year that I go to the cathedral: the Eve. There is always Christmas Eve Mass in a cathedral near from my home (10 min. walk). Although I cannot participate in the communion, it is the perfect time to retrospect this year and think about the next. Last year, I was in trouble and getting out of the pain is my only desire. But this year, I have a lot of new experience and opportunities, and it makes me hard to decide what to pray last night; it was a little awkward but an ironically happy moment.

In Korea, there is a tradition that having tteoks (a kind of rice cake) in someone’s birthday. My cathedral gives away tteoks on the night of Eve, and I’m sure that this is my best tteoks. I wish everyone has the happy holiday and peaceful new year.