Update: Standing desk

Recently I’ve got to know a great review site ( ) about standing desk. For me, I bought my desk from my friend, and it was order-made one. I didn’t realize that there are so many ready-made ones.

Although I live in Korea currently (so most of them are not available to me), the site reviews selected models, and it provides essential considerations.

The only one thing I want to mention is that ‘stability’ is also a crucial factor to consider. I’m using a standing desk in my office also, but there are always subtle shakings. The wobble monitor screen sometimes makes me crazy. The standing desk has many moving parts, and there is a very high possibility of swaying.

The review site is very considerate and gives a full depth review for standing desks. If you’re considering buying a standing desk, I think this site is a must-check even if those models are not available to your location.