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Time has passed for a while after I fell down. I left the company and took some rest from works. Fortunately, the medical checkup couldn’t find any further serious symptoms. I can have a real and long vacation since I started my business seven years ago and I cannot appreciate it more. It is a euphoric pause in my life.

I redeployed my home library as a home office. One thing that I love is my standing desk. It is an order-made-desk that I bought from a friend of mine. It can adjust the height with electric power by small buttons so that I can work standing up. I usually work standing up two or three hours a day, and it eases my neck and waist. Although I love it, it has some demerit. One thing is there is a little wobble because it has moving parts. The other thing is (although my neck and waist are happy) the fatigue is concentrated at my soles. So, I’m using (two) shock absorbing mats on my feet.

As regaining health, I’m studying the machine learning and Swift. Have abilities to make something by myself is crucial. I’m elaborating some ideas what I think interesting. I would be very happy if I can realize it someday. For now, back to the basic and I’m going to write more posts in this blog.