My Resolution 2017

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It was more than a month ago (Nov 10th exactly). I got an e-mail from that said my annual WordPress premium membership was just renewed with the $99 transaction. What a … pity.. I hadn’t touched my WordPress blog since Jan. 2015. Which means that the useless transaction happened one year before as well. It was a really stormy experience and I felt shame on it.

The credit card used for the transaction was expired this month, so my premium membership won’t be renewed next year. But when I look back this year – the year full of absurdity – in its last week, I made up my mind and rise up against resurrecting my blog (again).

Moreover, I’m going to raise the bar. Today – the first day of 2017 – I decided my resolution of this year; Publish more than one article at this blog every week and in English. Since I came back from SF (2009), I think my pronunciation and listening skills are somewhat improved but I still find difficult to express my thought immediately. I want to improve my English expression skills and I believe writing my articles in English would be a very effective way. I’m not sure about the topics but it would be mainly about animes and games (and sometimes about engineering) because I’ve set up my objective of this year as the success of the Sid Story Animation and SB (my new game). I want to improve myself to better producer and director and I also believe writing down a lot of ideas into organized articles is very useful for the objective.

I’m not sure whether I can really achieve this resolution. For now, I just want to share this one clip of my favorite scenes of Euphonium – I want to improve! (seriously)